There is a 'Pay & Display' parking scheme currently in operation on Green Lanes and its surrounding roads. Please read the parking signs carefully to avoid any un-neccessary penalty fines.

The follows information has been gathered (dated April 2011). Please exercise caution and we reiterate reading the signage carefully. Harringay is also a CPZ, and not all marked bays are for Pay & Display! Please note that Green Lanes operate on a different parking times on either side of the road. (North bound heads towards Wood Green!)

To simplify this we have illustrated the parking times. Hint: look for the yellows and greens and avoid the reds! Basically there are parking provisions at all times.

  On Green Lanes (Southbound towards Finsbury Park)
You must Pay & Display in these hours
Mon - Friday 10am to 7pm
No parking between 7am to 10am (Bus lane in operation)
Saturday 9am to 7pm
Free parking mornings between 7am to 9am
On Green Lanes (Northbound towards Wood Green)
You must Pay & Display
Mon - Friday 7am to 4pm
No parking after 16.00 to 19.00
Saturday 9am to 5pm

No parking Northbound between 5pm to 7pm

Sunday Free in all bays including residental
  You will find free parking outside the controlled times
  on Green Lanes
Mon - Sat 7pm until 7am
Sunday Free in all bays including residental

  Off Green Lanes (side roads)
You must Pay & Display
Mon - Sat 8am to 6.30pm
Sunday Free in all bays including residental

Parking Fees (from 04/08/11): BUY 2 GET 1 FREE!
£3 per hour, or £6 for 3 hours (equivalent to £2 per hr) Min parking (20p), Maximum Stay 2hr
Accepts Proportional payments - meaning you can put in £1 and get 20mins!


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